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New UK stockist The WoodWorkers Workshop Has now been purchased by Peter Sefton. He will be stocking and distributing the Router Boss. Based in the UK at Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire. He also sells top quality tools and additionally runs the Peter Sefton furniture school. Email Here

 On the tranlation page, additions in Dutch. With thanks to Pierre. Here

New Instruction Video Lewis has produced a new video which I think is rather good. Follow the link here

Festool on the RB Friedo in the Netherlands has modified his RB to accept a Festool 2200 here.

Paddle Cam. A lever and collar system to hold all shapes of work on the Mortise Table. Here.

Mortise Table from the Craftsman Gallery. A multipurpose work holder. Here.

A set of Chinese made dovetail bits examined. A bargain buy? Here.

A review of the 4" Digital Protractor from the Craftsman Gallery. Here

The Power Feed Work Holder from the Craftsman Gallery plus a little modification. Here

A Router Boss slider Digital Readout mounted onto a WoodRat by Randy Dailey. View the PDF here

Riser Plate + Fences and TCT Dovetail Bits for the Router Boss reviews. Here.

Multi Angle Work Holder from the Craftsman Gallery reviewed. Here.

Digital Read Out. Frank Mutchler has produced two excellent videos on how to fit the DRO onto the Router Boss. View them here


 I  currently use an Olympus E3, Nikon D300s and Nikon D800. I would love to hear from other owners of these models to share any user tips. I do not wish to enter into the relative merits of other makes though!!  If there is anyone at all then perhaps I could set up a discrete page on this site. It is good to go against the flow sometimes.

Looking through my web stats I can see some unusual country data from the visitors here. Why not drop me an email for interest sake? I can log such places as USA, Alaska, Germany, France, Israel, Holland, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, South Africa, Cornwall, Brazil, Sweden, Norway, Chile, Iceland, Finland, Spain. If enough people reply I will post a little table of worldwide visitors.

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