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Thanks for visiting this website.

I have been a hobby woodworker for more years than I can remember and always keen on 'Do it yourself'.

Being a family man and now retired has never allowed me to be too self indulgent in machinery and expensive tools so over the years I have gained some experience in tool 'rescue' and repair. I have more planes and chisels than anyone could ever need and have spent many happy hours in the workshop tuning and sharpening. Most of my machinery is either pre-owned, bought at auction or given to me broken and now repaired. The occasional commission gave me the funds to buy a few special tools and one indulgence was a Leigh D4 jig with some extra templates.

An excellent but expensive jig that has had a lot of use over the years but is limiting in having to have set stock wood sizes.

I was diagnosed with an hereditary blood disease some years ago which forced me into early retirement and curtailed the things I can do. Determined to keep myself occupied as much as I could I treated myself to a WoodRat joint making machine in April 1998. This certainly kept me interested and fuelled all my interest in jig making and work holding skills. Keen to learn more and share my ideas I set about building a website. Another steep learning curve for me which has meant I can continue woodworking in cyberspace on days that I can't do much.

Over the years the site has grown to now includes the Router Boss and other machines too but I wasn't prepared for the effort and time needed to keep the site alive and well. Bouts of intense traffic following certain reviews means I have to pay for a professional Web Hosting Service which is expensive hence the calls for donations !

To keep this site an interesting please do not be shy and send in any related woodworking material for us all to view and share.

Both the WoodRat and Router Boss work extremely well as purchased but seem limitless in their capabilities by the addition of shop made jigs and modifications. Just remember you may invalidate your warranty by making alterations and always make safety a priority.

Please note that I have no experience of the Little Rat.

For some time I have used the 'Rat and Router Boss together but have since moved to just the Router Boss which is a superb machine .

Although I no longer have the WoodRat so am unable to support it any more I will still keep the relevant pages up as long as I can.

You may have noticed that my postings have been lacking as of late. Unfortunately my illness has progressed so that I find it difficult to spend much time in the workshop but I have been demonstrating the Router Boss to many interested buyers and will still be continuing as an 'hypothetical' user for as long as I can.


Please Donate

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I hope you gain from your visit here. The cost of server space is quite expensive and so in order to continue and help maintain this site would you care to make a small donation? This can simply be done by using PayPal.  

       Many thanks   Aldel

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Evening and weekend telephone calls have now become much cheaper i.e. with BT it costs 5p for an hour. With some companies it is free! You are most welcome to call me for a chat; email me and I will email you my phone number back.

If you have joined Skype then you can chat to me free over broadband internet. Call me.  Aldels1

If you are not in the UK please allow for any time difference. My wife gets upset with Rat Chat at 2.0 in the morning!

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Using the Woodrat and with the aid of my centre finder I made this small foot stool from scrap mahogany (all mortise and tenon joints) in just under an hour. (excluding glue up)

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I used a 1/4" spiral up cut router bit to make the joints.

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  Photos Taken with an Olympus E3 digital camera using macro and super macro focus. Edited using Adobe Elements 7.0. Site built using MS Expression Web

Apologies:-   This site is written in (mostly!) British English. I am not familiar with every variant and I am fully aware that "American" is very different.  If I offend or confuse you by using British terminology then I am sorry, but please no more emails regarding terms or spelling!


Woodworking is an inherently dangerous hobby/profession and using or following any modifications, suggestions, hints, tips or links found in this site are done at entirely your own risk.

This site is not affiliated to any manufacturer and all trademarks are recognized. Modifications to machinery may void your warranty so please check first. All material on this site can be assumed to be copyright of the respective owner unless stated otherwise. Please contact before reproducing.

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