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Feedback 7

Frank's Box

Frank Gorrell, a relatively new 'Ratter has kindly sent me some pictures of a box he has made in the John Bailey style. Frank was inspired by John's article and so following John's methods  has produced his own rather pleasing  box. Made a good job of it too!

Frank says:


"This is  a jewellery box I made for my daughter-in-law. I got the idea from an article in F&C by John Bailey .

The finger joints were cut on the table saw, just one saw kerf per joint .

I made the jig for the rat then routed out the curve, you have to take it slowly. For the inlay I put four nails in the jig to control the travel of the cutter then set the depth of cut.

The lid has 6 small magnets for the catch. In the bottom is the secret compartment that has 12 magnets so is very strong. If you try to pull it you would think it was glued on .

It is made from mahogany with ash for the tray. "

Frank has made a replacement plate from what appears to be MDF and then fixed the curved runners on the top. The box is held underneath. border="0"
This is an end view and as you can see it does not require a great capital outlay to make. When I did this I used a round ended 'dishing' router bit rather than a flat bottomed one. Take shallow cuts and progressively travel along the whole surface. border="0"
The box has the dished faces cut and is ready for the inside tray plus inlay work to be done. border="0"
The lid hinged and fitted, tray all made and finished.

Note the well executed corner joints on tray.

Ash makes a pleasant contrast to the mahogany.


The finished box!

This is impressive inlay work on the top, especially on the curved surface.



Frank, your Daughter-in-Law must be very pleased. You have clearly taken care to produce an unusual and eye catching box. You didn't show us the secret drawer! Then I suppose it wouldn't be secret any more would it?

Well done.


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