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Yandles '08 Show.

I have made another trip to the twice yearly Yandles show at Martock in Somerset to catch up with what is new in the woodworking scene. This is a two hundred mile round trip for me but I can highly recommend going especially if you are interested in exotic wood as they have a large stock of  beautiful and rare timbers. Blackwood, bubinga, lacewood etc. The vibrant colour of the stack of purple heart is really eye catching. There was one small but superb length of snakewood and the price.............................................................660. Ouch!!

Free entry and parking and plenty of craft stalls for those with other interests so no reason not to take the missus!

Most of the usual machinery and tool companies were represented but two stands caught my attention. Philly Planes with a growing range and a young man named David Barron who is another plane maker and fine furniture producer.

David Barron

stand David had an attractive stand displaying some examples of his work, a number of very fine wooden planes and his own version of a very intriguing dovetailing guide which particularly interested me.
Visit his website to view examples of his fine furniture here.
David is a keen producer of superb wooden planes in the Krenov style. Unlike those of the original designer, David's have a very fine finish and are made from exotic timbers. They are fitted with Hock blades and the ones I tested took some very fine shavings from a piece of hard oak. Priced from 165 for a jointer to 75 for a pocket plane they are not cheap but are superbly made.
Clever use of rare earth magnets inserted into the plane bodies enables 'snap-on' fences for the larger planes. Perfect for square jointing of board edges.
block This little "pocket plane" in African blackwood was tactile and really comfortable to use. Each plane was already set up with a tight mouth and a very sharp blade so I don't know how hard they are to adjust.
No! Not a mini stealth bomber.
 This is a little hardwood dovetail cutting guide. It is available in three differing dovetail angles, designed to be hand held and used with a Japanese style dovetail saw. The white circles are rare earth magnets which are covered by the white Slick ( low friction) tape. The magnets hold the saw at a constant cutting angle as shown in the following photos. The black pieces are abrasive to prevent the guide slipping on the work.
guide3 Using a pencil David just marks up where the tails are to be by eye.  The pin board depth is marked up with a gauge onto the tail board.
The guide is hand held so that the saw cut will be on the waste side as shown below.
This shot shows how the magnets hold the fine toothed saw  blade in position whilst cutting. You just have to cut down to the line. Use the other side of the guide for the opposing tail side.
The Slick tape provides a low friction face upon which the blade slides.
Pins1 Using a fine scalpel blade he marks up the matching pin board using the prepared dovetailed side as a template.
Once the vertical cuts are made he removes the waste with a coping saw. The saw was unusual and of a type preferred, I think, by Rob Cosman. I didn't discover that a version is available from Classic Hand Tools who were at the show until I arrived home. *!&*!
David used a very fine toothed Bahco woodblade and the finished cut was so good that no paring with a chisel was required.
Sample1 Look at this!
This test joint was made very quickly as a demonstration with no planing, sanding or trimming.

Very impressive.
Here is a closer view of the corner of one of his finished boxes.
He does sell his little guide as a kit. For more information email him here

Tell him I sent you.

Now Veritas sell a rather nice alloy magnetic guide that uses similar methodology so it is not entirely an original idea, however, what I do like is the simplicity of David's design and I am very impressed. 

Well Done.  

Update:  David has emailed me with some more info.......    

"The coping saw is actually a piercing or jewellers saw. It has an adjustable back to use different lengths, as well as broken blades. Two sizes are avialable from Tilgear, 70mm and 115mm throat. They are better quality than those sold by Axminster. However the Bahco wood blades sold by Axminster (24 tpi) are much quicker than the metal cutting blades sold by Tilgear. "
"The dovetail saw is a Sun Child Dozouki from Thanet Tool Supplies in Kent. It cuts very cleanly and very fast and is recommended by Bruce Luckhurst as well as David Charlesworth. It costs about 26 and replacement blades are 12.00."
"I have made my planes in many different woods but I will be settling on Goncalo Alves for the body which is hard, heavy and very attractive. The soles are Lignum Vitae for its hard wearing and self lubricating properties.The wedge is brown oak which has nice 'spring' to hold the blade and chip breaker tight. The blades are high carbon tool steel rc60-62 and made by Ron Hock. They are a massive 4,5 mm thick and come with the new improved chip breaker. Ron states they will out perform any blade on the market and he's not wrong!  My planes are true users and work better than anything else I've tried, and I've tried most of them! "




Philly Planes

Phil Edwards has already been featured on this site and I am pleased to say that he has been so successful with his bespoke wooden plane sales that he has been able to move into full time production and works from his extensive home workshop.

show1 New to his range are these lovely spokeshaves.
Partly produced on his WoodRat!
Some rather yummy stuff there!
Don't forget he will produce to any specification.
Visit his web site here.
show3 I had to push through the crowd to take this shot of Phil demonstrating how easy his planes are to adjust.
Deep in conversation.
Phil said he was exhausted after playing musical benches the day before when the roof leaked in the torrential rain.
Classic Hand Tools stand behind where I should have bought a new coping saw.
I did buy some new Abranet mesh abrasive though.
Come back for a report on that later.


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