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Work Holding 3

Horizontal table

Shown here, with Alf's (Jester's) permission is her version of a horizontal work- holding jig.

You really must go and visit Alf's Website here


She has used a plywood table into which are fixed a number of 6mm threaded inserts as shown below. I think the pictures explain all. Work holding is then made by using slotted boards and held down with nylock nuts and washers.

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Alf made an acrylic template to simplify making another table or to easily mark up for additional inserts.

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To stop cutting into the table you can make a sacrificial hard board sheet as shown above right.

Alf says that this idea is not totally original but, like most of us do, is her own version of someone else's. An excellent design. Thanks for sharing it Ali, I think you are too modest.

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Here is Alf's version of an adjustable mortise rail. Yet another simple and great idea.

Thanks Alf --keep them coming!!


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