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Here are a few snapshots of this year's show. I apologise but if you are not lucky enough to have broadband then you may find this page slooooow to load.



Here is Henry Godfrey (left) with his assistant working hard on the WoodRat Stand. I have spoken to him many times on the phone but we have never met. Strange how some people turn out just as you imagined them.

At the show they are offering their cutter sets at half price!

It was very busy here, perhaps more recruits to the forum then.  


Here is a smiling Henry on the last day having shifted most of the stock. (Numbers sold in double figures!)

(mental note to my self- must set the white balance next time)




I couldn't resist and finally purchased a fill-in cutter set. I did promise to use the 'Rat for dovetails more.

I checked out the new Mortise Rail. I think it is a big improvement but a bit pricey though.


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Terry and Mandy on the Chestnut stand.          L to R   Gidon, Terry(hiding),Nigel, CambornePete, Alf,Waka, Chris,(waterhead), Noely (facing away)

Here we have the Chestnut stand who kindly agreed to be the meeting place for members of the UK Workshop forum. UKworkshop Forum It was great to meet some of the prolific contributors and have a chat. With the exception of "Alf" (the plane tester extraordinaire with her latest acquisition) centre stage I regret that I cannot remember your names for sure, so if you would care to email me I will add them starting from left to right. I got involved talking WoodRat and just missed the Saturday meet-up, but did have the good fortune to later speak to young Charley and Philly. I noticed that Charley did have a special wood removing tool in his bag.



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