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Lewis Stepp has been demonstrating his Router Boss at the Atlanta show and Popular Woodworking have produced a short video interview with Bob Baker and Lewis. See it here
Lewis says there are only a couple of minor adjustments to be done before it is fully finished.

The New Router Boss
I have been struggling to keep a secret for some time but now The craftsman Gallery have released a press statement announcing an all new Multi-Purpose Routing Jig for All Types of Joints. Be one of the first to read it here Router-Boss-Press-Release.pdf
I have now had time to investigate the proposed engineering of the Router Boss and although at first glance it may have some passing resemblance to the WoodRat, it is in fact different in every way. Only one fence, totally different I-beam, alloy plate, sliding rules, positive 1/2 degree adjustable stops, larger T-track and completely different clamping system. Dovetails are cut in a unique way and even the plunge assist bar is a new concept compared to WoodRat's plunge bars. 
The sliding bar will be available in three set lengths, each with two T-tracks....... just perfect for us jig designers. Furnished with superb new linear bearings, and being adjustable, will permit play to removed.  Front and rear dust collection and for those that want digital accuracy then specially designed electronic scales are being manufactured.

So it seems to me that this is a unique design with operating methods that are not the same as on a WoodRat. In my view to call it a copy would be inaccurate and wish Lewis all success.

I have been privileged to allow you to see some superb engineering renderings. These designs are protected but may vary in  some minor details to the final product. 



 ● 32 USA made I-beam channel (5.5 square, .25 thickness) with optional choice of 36, 42 or 47 sliding bar for exceptional work holding capacity

 ● Stainless steel v-guides riding in Delrin v-grooves provide low friction glide surface for sliding bar and are adjustable to remove any play

 ● 2 by 8 aluminium fixed fence and a moveable fence with play removal feature to provide rock solid clamping of work pieces

 Cam for moveable fence has 4 spring loaded pawls to firmly lock into saw tooth rack, but with easy push button release

 ● 3.25 crank handle powers wire/pulley drive system to provide either 28, 34 or 39 of sliding bar travel with no backlash

 ● Wire tension adjuster works with manufactured connectors on ends of wire to tighten wire drive tension without twisting or fraying the wire

 ● 5 by 1.25 integrated dust collection chute behind bit has 2.5 (63mm) standard shop vacuum hose connection

 ● Available front side dust collection chute with 2.5 hose connection and magnetic attachment under base plate

 ● 3 t-tracks in channel plus 2 in sliding bar accept oval nuts and either 6mm, #10 or screws for attachment of jigs and accessories

 ● Aluminium base plate with wide centre cut-out provides strong router support and excellent visibility of cut

 ● Available MDF riser plate for increased depth of cut also includes an attachable pair of fences with adjustable opening that provides router table capability for hand feeding work piece against bit (profiling)

 ● Acrylic router plate with built-in dual laser crosshair, 2 LED lights and battery pack, illuminates work piece and indicates centre of cut plate pre-drilled for DeWalt 625 with adjustment to align bit center with crosshair

 ● Available plunge assist bars for DeWalt and other popular routers bars integrate with router plate and do not occupy router edge guide holes that are needed for stop rod used with precision stop and z-axis digital scale

 ● 3 piece router guide rails with t-tracks for stops and digital scale also provide a means to guide router at a variable angle with positive angle stops every 1/2 between 0 and +/- 10 or, with base plate repositioning, between +/- 30 mating dovetail pins and sockets are cut without interchange of guide rails insuring that joints will align correctly

 ● Built-in rulers (no stickers) for positioning guide rails for proper dovetail pin thickness ruler positioning is variable allowing calibration

 ● Micro-adjustable stop that rides in guide rail t-tracks with included 10mm stop rod that fits into router edge guide hole

 ● 2 12 (300mm) fractional inch and metric repositionable rulers on upper face of machine plus 2 ruler reading cursors that can be located any place on sliding bar t-tracks either the rulers or pencil lines drawn on machine face with the cursors can be used to position cuts on boards up to 24 wide

 ● Available x axis (left/right) electronic digital scale with separate top mounted LCD display can precisely position cuts on boards up to 39 wide large display reads in mm or in both decimal inch and fractions (32nd, 64th, 128th) with high/low indictor for fractions

 ● Available z axis (front/rear) and y axis (vertical) digital scales with mm, decimal inch and fractional inch LCD display

 ● Available 31 by 7 adjustable height/tilt mortising platform with 5 t-tracks and 2 vice clamps/stops that mount 2 ways 4.5 cut-out in fence for crosscut operations and v-slot in fence for round object clamping

 ● Available 16 wide work holder for vertical and horizontal clamping of work piece at single/compound angles with a quick adjust friction clamp and positive stops on face plate for popular angles includes 4 t-tracks for jig mounts such as a wood shop made rail and toggle clamps


Well done Lewis. Lots of very innovative engineering solutions and I look forward to testing out this machine.