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Mounting Brackets

Right then listen up, pay attention at the back, here are some questions for all you 'Rat owners.

You saw the adverts, maybe watched a demo, ummmed and ahhhed, saved up, took the plunge and made your purchase. Yes, --- just like me then. The box arrived, you took all the parts out, devoured the instructions and set about making the mount. Was it hard to understand? Well no. Was it complicated to make? No, not really. Did you have suitable  tools and bits  of wood to hand? Possibly. Did it take you some time to get just right? If like me then I guess the answer is y-e-s.

Enter the Craftsman Gallery alloy mounting kit.


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In the pack you get two machined aluminium mounting brackets, four coach (lag) bolts and three little packs of the more common screw types needed to fix the router onto the plate. As an added bonus included are illustrated instructions for mounting your WoodRat onto a portable mount.

For the purposes of this review I selected a piece of 18mm. plywood to mount into the bench vise

The two brackets have machined rebates, are ready drilled, clean and with no sharp edges. With the plywood held in the vise, I drew a pencil line 1/2" down from the top and from one side to the other. I offered up the brackets with the faces reversed and the top level with the pencil line. This was so that I could accurately mark the position for the lag bolt pilot holes. I used a 5.5mm. drill for those.

I flipped the brackets around and screwed them on. Note that the bolts are long enough to reach through the ply and with plenty of thread left to give a firm fixing onto the wall mounting batten.

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With the brackets fixed, I dropped the 'rat onto them.

Voila! Exactly the right height. Now this was not a loose fit but required just gentle pressure to settle the channel fully down. A perfect fit, in fact, not too loose and not too tight.

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These simple brackets are very quick to fit and certainly inspire confidence. No worries about them breaking at all and it means that it is now feasible to transport to any any site where a mounting vise is available.

I do believe it would be more professional if they were anodised against corrosion but then again they are not normally visible.

Current price $16.  If you live in the USA and you purchase a WoodRat from The Craftsman Gallery a set will be included in the box.

Roughly 4.00 each and a bargain price. I really don't want to return these so I guess they get a big thumbs up from me.

This page is available as Mounting_Brackets.pdf

For more information on The Craftsman Gallery products visit their web site


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