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Ratters Reunited

Hi folks!!!

"I live at XYZ. Do you know of any WoodRatters near me?"

I went to the woodworking show and I know so and so were there but I didn't know what they looked like so I couldn't meet them!

I would like to give xyz a call for a little 'Rat chat but feel embarrassed as I don't know if they would care to talk to me, anyway how can I contact them?

I have read the post by XYZ and would like to comment but feel intimidated because I am a beginner.

I don't want anyone to know that I have only got a tiny workshop!

I want to ask questions or get help but I am not confident enough to post on the forums.

I have read a post by XYZ and am intrigued to know more about them.


Does this apply to you?

Well I intend this to be your page. Depending on the feedback, I could build a table. Where are you/ what do you do/ how I may be contacted/ will I chat on the phone/ am I near you etc.

I am wary of the data protection act and privacy and so will not post telephone numbers or exact addresses.

Please introduce yourself and Email me with your thoughts and a thumbnail photo of yourself would be good.


border="0"  Aldel (Alan) Retired. Formerly BT communications engineer worked in maintenance/ R&D/ manager/ NVQ assessor.

Hobbies: Woodwork DIY, photography, gardening, local history, motorcycles, computers and of course all things WoodRat/Router Boss. I live in Plymouth, Devon, UK and am always ready for a Rat chat. Email for my phone number. (please remember any time difference). Visitors very welcome by appointment.



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