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Striking1 This is the Striking Knife mentioned over the page.
      Double Bevel Striking Knife 34-330 $9.0.
Not of the highest quality as expected for the price. The handle finish is a bit rough and ready but is comfortable enough for good control. The blade is sharp and is ground at an optimal angle (55 degrees) for access into small spaces like dovetail sockets. Described as High Speed tool steel I have not found it to be a match for a good chisel for holding an edge but since it is only required to make a mark is good enough.
Sold with a 'leatherette' storing pouch.
This little tool is perfect for getting right into those tight corners and since the blade back is flat, marking out pins from sockets is guaranteed to be very accurate. Double bevel makes it work on both sides. Suitable for right or left handed users.

Verdict: Medium quality but works well. A better one will cost many times more.
Worth the money? Yes....... works far better than a Stanley knife or pencil.

Similar tool from Lee Valley $19.50
Bevel1                 6 inch Sliding Bevel 34-370 $6.0  
I think this is a little gem! Very well made in ground steel it is just the right size for measuring dovetail angles and other sundry checks and settings. Off-set and straight slots make for great versatility. The locking bolt is inset into the blade for a flush surface.

Verdict: Excellent buy at a bargain price. Get it!
Similar product from Lie-Nielson Toolworks $89.00!
              Centering bit 18-600 $6.0
Accurately machined from stainless steel with sharp points either end. Sized 1/4" one end and 1/2" the other. With this fitted you can centre exactly on to a line for transferring marks to story boards or setting for your router bit etc. Use in conjunction with or without the laser cross hairs. No more struggling with pointed router bits to centre onto a line! Use it to check router run-out. Not a cutter!!
Use it in a drill press to precisely line up your work before fitting a drill bit.

Verdict: I would not be without mine. Make life easier and get one!


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