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Idle hands and a Milling Machine.

Sometime ago I purchased a completely defunct mini milling machine. It is one of Axminster's clone hobby machines. After a complete strip down I found that the gear change carrier had broken into bits so after an enormous amount of bending, filing and drilling I managed to make a new one and it now works well. Why am I telling you this? Well an opportunity recently occurred for me to put it to good use. By sheer clumsiness I managed to snap one of the Router Boss's plastic cursors in half. Super glue was not up to the job of repair and so I machined a new one from alloy. Here it is below.

Cursor1 Here is the original with the top snapped off. The internal viewing window is large leaving the side pieces narrow and a bit fragile. I caught it in my sleeve when the slider was extended. At first I was really annoyed with myself but realised it was an ideal time to test out my newly fixed toy. The plastic version works very well indeed but I chose to make my alloy one slightly different with a smaller window to give more strength. The broken one will serve as an adjustable stop so is not wasted.
I still have a notch in the top for marking directly onto the channel but the centre window is smaller. I filed down the right side edge so I could also use that to align with the rules. Cursor2
Cursor3 Exactly the same mounting to the T-slots but with a slightly tighter fit to the slider.
I just filed some notches in the viewing window with a small saw file and I think I will do the same in the top cut-out. I first milled a slot then used a Vee router bit to form  the bevelled edges.

The only part that took me some time was to have minimal clearance between the ruler and the under side of the cursor.
Cursor5 This is another shot with it fixed in place. Perhaps a little polish up would make it look a little more professional?
The next one will be less tall and I will bevel both outside edges so I can read from either side.

The good design of the RB made this an easy job which could be done with just some drills and some filing.

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