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Some Router Boss Photos

John Perkins has had some 'hands on' experience with the Router Boss and has kindly sent me some random shots for us all to look at.  At long last we can see some innovations for real rather than the superb engineering impressions. Click each image for a larger view.


The black box is part of the laser battery assembly. Side scales and back stop look substantial to me and the optional black alloy guide rails look smart too. I understand the plunge assist bar is very smooth in action. The more observant may notice a revised "Quick Chuck" fitted on the router. This a new and heavier version designed especially for that router and will pass through the wider slot in the Router Boss plate to increase cutting depth.

( Come back later for a review on one)


Substantial alloy main plate with an acrylic router plate shown here. The green part is an adjustable wing used for angle cutting, dovetails etc. I believe the setting pins are going to be revised to make them easier to handle.


Looking up under the plate you can see two inset steel strips. Strong magnets set in the front dust removal housing lock onto those strips. Notice how wide the plate slot is. At long last larger router bits will pass through.


Set in place like this.


The standard plastic mount and wings clearly visible here but note the adjustable cursor and a card "story board"  inserted into the rule slot. Perfect for marking and setting repeating cuts for finger joints, dovetails etc. Use card, the ruler scale or for more sophistication a variety of digital scales are available. The black box on the channel top near the cursor is the top of the line Full Axis Digital Scale Kit. The flexible pipe is from the rear dust extraction.


A close up of the lock handle. This is an over centre arrangement with a push button release. The MDF part is an adjustable fence that can be used in conjunction with a raising plate and feather board when profiling.


Only a single fence is used on the Router boss. An angled tenon is being cut utilising a Power Feed Work Holder. T-slots and CNC drilled provide the ultimate in work holding flexibility. Sliding toggle clamps are locking the work. Note the drive handle!



A closer view. The box channel T-slots look generous in the photo.

The alloy Multi Angle Work Holder being assembled.


And here it is all assembled. Solid alloy. CNC cut with two T-slots. MDF mount.

Well the first photos show what an impressive piece of kit this is. Don't forget some of these shots are of additional extras available for the Router Boss. Be sure to visit The Craftsman Gallery to check out the prices plus other extras.

Thanks John. I can't wait to get my hands on one.



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