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HipDog's Carriage Anti-Rattle Gadget

Pontop originally came up with his design for a little gadget to take any slack or "rattle" out of the carriage and I subsequently built upon his idea. Leon has now published his own version which now follows.

I have developed the carriage anti rattle gadget from those first posted some 18 months ago.  I found that the plastic ones kept breaking so this one is made of steel. In addition, it does not require the fixed jaw to be removed to install it.  Please see photographs

The basic material is 4 mm thick by 20 mm wide steel bar, available from Homebase / B and Q.

 Prepare two pieces cut from the bar to finished dimensions of 41 mm long and 110 mm long respectively.

 Find the true centres of each piece and mark.

 Drill and tap the small piece M5



Drill the larger piece 5 mm diameter.   Paint to protect.

Next you will need a 25 mm length of aluminium angle of 25 mm side and 1.5 mm thick.  (This item keeps the long piece vertically orientated and stops it rotating when the gadget is assembled to the Rat).

Cut one of the sides down to 18 mm.

Centre the angle over the hole of the long piece, ensuring the 18 mm side is at right angles to the long piece.  Affix in this position using super glue.

When the glue has set trim the (25 mm) side of the angle in contact with the face of the long piece so that it is flush with and the same width as the long piece.

Drill off the angle 5 mm diameter using the 5 mm hole in the long piece as a guide.


Affix two small pieces of 1 mm thick by 19 mm wide Slick Low Friction Tape (Axminster Catalogue number APTCST34 [page number 6.14]) to the inner faces of the outer ends of the long piece.  border="0"
Next you will need to make the thumb screw.  For this you will need a piece of M5 threaded rod 28 mm long.  Assemble to this an M5 wing nut and lock in place with an M5 plain nut.  You do need to be careful about the length of this stud.  If it is too long then it is liable to bottom out on the carriage before the gadget is fully clamped up.

To install to the Rat remove the right hand side moveable jaw. 

Place the small piece vertically orientated in the wide and shallow T slot in the carriage and flick it along until it zooms behind the right hand fixed jaw and hopefully emerges from the other side

Loosely assemble the vertically orientated long piece to the small piece using the thumb screw.



Now carefully adjust the thumb screw to just remove the rattle in the carriage do not over tighten the thumb screw.  The best way to adjust the gadget is by grabbing hold of the bottom of the right hand fixed jaw and rocking it North / South whilst at the same time slowly tightening the thumb screw.  Tighten the thumb screw until the rocking motion of the jaw is just about eliminated. Oh yes donít forget to reinstall the right hand moveable jaw!!

Thanks Leon. By the way, what paint did you use?

Answer: Hammerite!


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