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HipDog (Leon) has sent us a beautifully presented article on his East West stop design. There are some innovative ideas here and I have reproduced it as he sent it to me. It is spread over five pages to keep loading times down. The parts are inexpensive and easily obtained from your local DIY shed.

 I now pass you over to him.


More East West Stops

Here are some inexpensive robust stops I have made to limit East West travel of the carriage.  They attach to the T Slot on the underside of the chassis.  The bar type stops also have a micro adjuster, but that is not essential.   The long bars are for use when the carriage protrudes beyond the chassis and the short one for when it does not and a stop has to be placed inside the chassis.  It can also be used when only a small amount of carriage protrusion is in evidence.   The L section stops can be used for cases when movement of the carriage is not that great, e.g when cutting mortises.

Other than marking out tools the only tools needed to make these stops are a hacksaw, file and drill.

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Bar Type Stops

The basis of the bar type stop is 16mm by 1mm thick square section steel tube obtainable from Homebase / B&Q.  For the long stops I have 850 mm (@ 34) and 600 mm (@ 24) lengths and for the short stop its 225 mm (@ 9).  The big bolts in use are M8 by 40 mm long for attaching the bars to the chassis, and M8 by 50 mm long for the micro adjusters or, used as stops in their own right. 

 Now you do need to do a bit of welding on these gadgets.  The M6 nut onto the head of the M8 bolt, the side brackets on to the short bar and the M6 nuts on to the brackets.  I used a local jobbing precision welder to do mine.


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