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A Successful Marriage!

Bob Phaneuf is a WR900 WoodRat owner who has modified a Craftsman Gallery mortise rail to fit. The rail is designed for the Router Boss but as you can see from Bob's photos it will ( with a little modification) work with the 'Rat.

Bob explains what he did below:

image 1

   I shortened the mortise rail mounts 1/4 inch so that I do not have to install a riser plate in order for them to slide under the router plate.





    I covered all contact areas where the wood and MR meet with 180 grit PSA sandpaper.  I bought it in a roll and just pressed it on and trimmed where appropriate. image 2
image 3 I used three inch 3/8-16 phillips head screws and two nuts rather than the supplied holders on the movable hold down clamps. Additionally I made two 1 1/4 X 3 X 3/8 aluminium blocks and attached the same PSA sandpaper on one side. These are to be used between the wood  and the movable clamps screws.  Also I found it better to move the clamps to their furthest position away from the machine and apply the pressure to the wood with the screws.           Otherwise, the clamps tend to sneak back as you increase pressure against the wood with the screw. They don't move at all when the hold down knobs are at the end of their slots. 
    The rail is heavy and brings the sliding rail of the 'Rat forward, but it brings it to a position that is parallel with the router plate.  At first I was worried, but after careful measurements, I found it to be OK.  The rail must be lubricated well for it to move smoothly (or at all).  I sure wish there was an adjustment like on the RouterBoss! image 4
image 5 Here the work is all clamped up and ready to be tracked under the router bit to cut the mortise.


Thanks for sharing those pictures and explanation with us Bob. I am pleased the outcome was so good.


*Note: I have had a chat with Lewis and he says that his now slighty revised rail will fit the earlier version of the WoodRat (the one without T-slots) but does need some holes to be drilled and tapped. Contact him first before a purchase.


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