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Mods 19

John Rogers makes some plunge bars for his Freud Router

JR1 John who is now a proud owner of a new WoodRat has kindly sent us some shots of his tubular plunge bars. He uses a Freud 2000W router and the bars available from WoodRat require some modification to the On/Off switch.
Keen to avoid that, he designed and made some of his own  from tubular aluminium and steel bar.
He purchased 2 metres of 10 mm extruded alloy tubing from his local B&Q store and some 8mm silver steel from his ironmongers. 

Note: Some small screws, drill bits and thread taps are required plus I notice some small pieces of alloy plate and a file I assume!
"The tubing was bent by hand using a mini tube bender. Available from Screwfix (ref.17898)
Since aluminium work hardens as it is shaped you only have ONE chance/attempt to form the curves!  The circular channels of the bender need to be well lubricated with grease prior to each bending operation."
For illustrative purposes the photo opposite shows a rejected practise piece in the benders.
JR3 "The one I used broke and I would recommend the modification done to strengthen the handle as illustrated here, otherwise you may suffer the same fate that I did.  The fix  requires a small length of steel angle iron that is cut down to size to fit over the handle and 3 M4 x 20 counter- sunk head machine screws.  The angle iron & handle are drilled and handle tapped to accept these screws.  This modification just strengthens the handle so the alloy tubing can be bent as the mini bender is really designed for bending  softer copper tubing."  
All the tubing laid out here.
Bending tube accurately is not easy and I have to admire John's skill in achieving such symetrical shaping. Did you bend up a wire pattern first?
If you look carefully you will see that he has drilled, tapped and fitted screws to hold the steel bar in the alloy tubing.
JR5 Looking at the rear it can be seen that the switch is clear of obstruction. The main plunge handle must swivel in the mounting tube and I guess the router handles prevent the whole thing from coming apart when plunged. 
The collet lock, plunge lock lever and switch are all unobstructed so the design is very ergonomic.

You will have to let us know how the alloy tubing stands up to use over time John.

I have often eyed up those racks of tubing and bar in the DIY sheds and wondered how they could be used.
John is planning to produce a drawing for his bars and when they become available I will post here.

Well full marks for coming up with an innovative  solution which I am sure will be of immense interest to other Freud users.

Thanks for sharing John.


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