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Woodrat Forum WoodRat's official forum. Lots in here. Newbie to expert. ***
Woodrat  WoodRat's web site for sales, updates, technical support etc.
The Ultimate DIY Woodworking Guide  
The Toolbox Lots of tools.
UKWorkshop An excellent woodworkers site. Hints, tips, plans, machinery tests and a forum.  *****site.
Woodshop Demos An in depth feature about the little and large Woodrats. All prospective buyers should go here.  Newly updated!  ****
Micro-adjustable stop design An interesting Woodrat feature in a UK wood working group.
Woodworkersworkshop Source of Incra and Woodpeckers items in the UK at nearly USA prices
Axminster Tools One of Britain's premier tool and machinery suppliers.
Bench Mark Jigs and modifications. How to use the Triton router on the 'Rat ***
Australian Forum WoodRat posts in an Australian woodworking forum *****
Compton Joinery My best mate's site. He supplies advice and the majority of my wood!
Rolf Schmid (In German) Designs and makes planes, uses a Woodrat plus many other things. ****
DeWalt UK Search for that new router.
Trend UK Router accessories, knobs, levers etc. Compare UK prices to those in the States!!
Big Norm Abram TV star. Go to Norm's website for plans etc.
Screwfix Direct Cheap screws, hardware, sundries routers etc.

*Tip. To translate a foreign language site go to and type the web address into the search bar. Ask to translate. Not perfect but very usable.

Leigh jigs Their home site in Canada
Tool Bazaar Old tools and spares etc
Vintage saws Think you've got a valuable Disston? Then take a look here.
Rusty tool? Restore rusty objects? Is this any help? Your risk
Identify that old tool? This site might help
Antique tools All sorts here
The old tool store Purchase or do some research here
Anodizing alloy American. Lots of info and pictures on anodizing at home
Stanley plane dating How old is it?
Jeffgreefwoodworking Lots of interesting info, plans and original ideas
Yaron Naor Original designs and WoodRat modifications
Woodshop demos Mount a 'Rat from the ceiling!
The Cornish workshop Lady woodworker. Alf (Alice) is an authority on hand-tools ancient and modern. American woodworking site and forum Woodworker with a good workshop.
free Sketchup Free download of this superb 3d drawing package Links to all sorts of helpful information.

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Contents and Navigation



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