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Feedback 9

David Nevin uses his WoodRat

David has kindly taken some time to post me some photos of some work. His Woodrat has proven to be a big time saver.

Like many of us, his garage has morphed into a workshop.

Here he made an excellent cabinet to house a remembrance book for a local school chapel. cabinet2
cabinet1 I am not sure what the wood is but the styling seems appropriate. I guess the 'Rat was a big help to cut all those angled joints.
workshop book
Watch out David!!! The safety shoe police may come to give you a visit!  
David has also been beavering away on fitting out his narrow boat. interior1
interior2 Lots of solid Oak and compound angles to work on.
She's going to look gorgeous when finished and varnished. interior3


Thanks for sharing those with us David and perhaps it will encourage others to show us their work too.

Oh by the way my apologies for the delay in posting.

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