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Router Boss

Router Boss Initial preview of the engineering drawings of the Router Boss
RB1 A miscellany of Router Boss photos sent in by John Perkins
RB2 Frank Mutchler reports on his first impressions of his new Router Boss
RB3 Frank explains how to adjust the sliding bar wire tension.
RB4 I have received a RB470 to test. First chapter is opening the box. Take a look inside.
RB4 Page2 A closer look at the Box Beam, fence and plate.
RB4 Page3 The Plate, Lasers, Plastic Rails and Wings.
RB4 Page4 Fitting the router, plunge assist bars and a look at the XL quick chuck.
RB5 A fixed milling machine leads to replacing a broken  plastic cursor. Some photos.
RB6 How to cut through asymmetric dovetails on the Router Boss
RB6 Page 2 Centre point, striking knife and 6 inch sliding bevel. Some comments and pictures
RB7 The Router Boss Riser and Fences kit plus the boxed set of TC Tipped Dovetail Cutters reviewed.
RB8 Router Boss Power Feed Work Holder (PFWH) reviewed with an additional modification.
Paddle Cam A design for easy work holding on the Craftsman Gallery Mortise Table.
RB9 Festool 2200 mounted on the Router Boss. Friedo Dubbelman's mods.


Mods 22 Bob Phaneuf marries a RB mortise table to a WR900 WoodRat.
Mods23 An easy to make, movable bench mounting for the 'Rat or Router Boss.
WR and DRO Randy Dailey has married a RBoss slider Digital Readout onto his WoodRat. View the PDF  here
Review 13 A look at and assembling the new Multi Angle Work Holder from the Craftsman Gallery
RB8 Router Boss Power Feed Work Holder (PFWH) reviewed with an additional modification.
Review14 A test of the 4" Digital Protractor from the Craftsman Gallery.
Review15 An economy but not budget set of Chinese dovetail bits checked out.
Review 16  Mortise Table from The Craftsman Gallery. A multi purpose work holder accessory.
Review 16 Part 2 A follow up of the Mortise table with my design for a quick fit Paddle Cam and work holding sytem.


Yandles08 Photos of two plane makers. David Barron's dovetail cutting guide. Phillyplanes update.
Dovetails A different way of cutting through dovetails without the use of scales and charts.
Dovetails2 Tony's method of cutting drawer or hidden dovetails.
Feedback A blanket box by Tony Spear. Centre finders by HipDog. A lathe mount by John Bailey
Feedback2 Yaron's stop system, 'Rat cabinet and chairs. Bob Gamble's cursor and stop idea.
Feedback3 John Bailey's jig and curved box ideas with photos.
Feedback4 Making Burr puzzles with John Bailey.
Feedback5 How to make dowel rod. John Bailey's method.
Feedback6 Bart's  WoodRat mounting and parts cabinet.
Feedback7 Frank's curved box.
Feedback8 Piet in Holland doesn't use a wall to mount his WoodRat
Feedback9 David Nevin Uses his 'Rat to make a memorial cabinet and to fit out his narrow boat.
Foreword Introduction and disclaimer page.
Gallery A few things made by me.
Gallery2 Door wedges made from wood scrap.
Index The first introductory page when accessed from the web page.
Home The main home page
Links err....  a list of links to other interesting sites.
Mini Planes How I made some mini-planes using old jointer blades.
Mods Sliding stops system for the early type of plastic rails. A sliding ruler idea. A top mounted toggle clamp system.
Mods2 Mounting the router upside down to make a router table. clock making. Centre finder.
Mods3 Edge finder. Centre scribe. Play eliminator. Using a Trend clamp.
Mods4 Super sharp. Make a circular hone from a leather belt and MDF.
Mods5 A 45 degree jig for slotting mitres.
Mods6 Bob Gamble's Repetitive stop template idea.
Mods7 East/West stop systems
Mods8 Leon's E/W stop system
Mods9 Leon's anti-rattle gadget.
Mods10 Colin Chandler's carriage plate clamp.
Mods11 Greg's curve cutting jig.
Mods12 Tony from UK workshop E/W ruler scale idea.
Mods13 MDF carriage runners with an update on runners machined from cast Nylon 6
Mods14 A lever controlled tenon jig. Cam lock mods. Wooden fence.
Mods15 A replacement crank handle with greater throw for precision work.
Mods16 Angela's  'Rat Bag' router bit saviour.
Mods17 A lengthy description by Peter Smith on a cursor system for producing very accurate and repeatable finger joints. Simple to make and is linked to individual bits.
Mods18 Chris Dahl's New type channel dust collection modifications.
Mods19 John Rogers makes some alloy tube plunge bars specially designed for the Freud 2000w Router
Mods20 Bob Gamble makes a quick and simple jig to make splined box corners. Please send in your pictures of your splined joints!
Mods21 Stephen Chaplin uses his Little Rat and MR3 to make an exotic box of Burr puzzles.
My Chat Some notes about 'Rat mounting,  sourcing acrylic plastic, cutters, forums, American/English translation. Wanted
Newbie Tips Some general information for the new purchaser.
News Hot of the press and  well---- new stuff!
Photos A gallery of some completed projects by WoodRat owners.
Ratters Reunited A page for you. Send in your location, interests and how to be contacted. Sorry!! Due to privacy regulations no more data will be added to this page.
Workshops1 Photos of your workshop and WoodRat. Humble or grand give us a tour around.  My workshop (garage)!
Workshops2 Bob P's workshop and photos of his excellent mobile WoodRat mount combined with his planer/thicknesser. Great idea for those without wall space.
Reviews The craftsman gallery dovetail angle gauges.
Reviews1 Fixed fences tested.
Reviews2 Alloy mounting brackets for the 'Rat.
Reviews3 Laser guide and various uses.
Reviews4 Multi angle clamping jig from the Craftsman Gallery.
Reviews5 Precision stop.
Reviews6 The craftsman gallery N/S digital caliper kit. Now being replaced by a new system.
Reviews7 A fractional inch/decimal inch/millimetre digital caliper. Updated The old page available as a PDF download.
Reviews8 Parts 1 and 2 of the new sliding 3 way digital scale from TheCraftsManGallery plus carbide spiral cutters.
Reviews9 The Eliminator RC router chuck tested out.
Reviews10 My initial review of the revised channel which has extra T-Slots and lighter construction
Reviews11 A review of a small wooden smoother from Phillyplanes. NOT your ordinary woodie!
Reviews12 A first look at WoodRat's new alloy fences with T-slots and adjustable wooden cheeks.
Routers Some feedback on users routers.
Templates Photos and discussion on WoodRat's in development "Pathfinder" Templates.
Tips Some useful tips.
WorkHolding A Rat table for holding angle work flat up under the plate.
WorkHolding2 Plans for a box rail and mortise rail. The Benchmark work holder using T-Track.
WorkHolding3 ALF's 'Rat table design.
WorkHolding4 Jim Matti's slotted table design.
WorkHolding5 My universal work holder/ fence idea. Updated to Mk3 with scale drawings.
Tools 2004 A visit to one of Axminster's shows.



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